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Baldwin REALTORS® is governed by its members, who volunteer their time to serve in leadership positions.


2024 Association Board of Directors

Back row, from left: Ryley Corliss, Jake DeVantier, Alison Ward, Kendall Wahlert, Knox McMurphy, Joe Emerson, Renee Marshall, Jenny Carr

Seated: Walter Billups (RVP), Kate Irvine (Treasurer), Rachel Romash (Imm. Past President), Jaime Cooper (President), Tracy Womack (Secretary), Amy Cuny (RVP)

Not Pictured: Susan Shallow (President- Elect) & Melinda Nagy

2024 MLS
Board of Directors

Back row, from left: Jaime Cooper, David Horn, Beverley ValRie, Rachel Romash Reese

Seated: Diane Martino (President-Elect), Kristina Halfacre (President), Francine Carstensen (Secretary/Treasurer)


Leading at Baldwin REALTORS®

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