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  • Why is the Team area changing?
    Because Teams are housed in the Paragon "agent" section, this allows a member to only place a Team name as the listing agent. This does not create any transparency to the public regarding the individual agents who make up a Team. The National Association of REALTORS along with AREC ask for transparency to the public.
  • How do the changes help Teams be more transparent?
    Paragon has created an area specifically for Teams and has the following benefits: - All listings going forward will be required to place an agent in the listing agent 1 field. Members can still place up to three (3) listing agents per listing. This will inform the public of at least 1 agent who is a part of the team. - Teams will be searchable on and will include all Team members. - Team names with Team members will be syndicated with roster information in order to make them searchable with online syndicators.
  • Are there other benefits to the Team changes?
    Yes! - The ability to select a "Team Lead" for each Team. - The ability to display the Team phone number instead of the agent of office phone number. - The ability to determine which members can edit Team listings. - The ability to display the Team email address instead of the agent or office email address. - Team members will no longer be required to "Assume Identity" or login as the Team account to maintain listings. Any Team member who has been allowed to edit listings will have access to the Team's listings in their own Paragon account. - A new statistical report for Teams only.
  • When will the new Team changes be live in Paragon?
    Tuesday, September 3, 2024.
  • How will I enter a Team listing in Paragon?
    1. Login to your Paragon account. 2. Under Listings, select "Add Listing" and select the correct Class. 2. Enter at least one (1) Listing Agent Name. 3. Enter the Team Name in the "Listing Team" field. 4. Fill out all required fields and save the listing.
  • How will I change/maintain a Team listing in Paragon?
    If you have been given the ability to maintain your Team's listings: 1. Under the "Listings" Icon, select Maintain Listings. 2. Choose the dropdown menu named "Listing Owner" and select "My Team's Listings." 3. Click on the MLS number of the Team listing you wish to edit and it will open the listing input screen. 4. When you are finished with your edits, select "Save Listing."
  • How do I give a Team credit when marking the listing closed?
    The user entering the Sold/Closing information will be required to enter at least one (1) individual agent in the "Selling Agent" field. The user will also have a field named "Selling Team" to enter the Team name. If you are closing out a listing with a Team as the selling agent, please reach out to a member of that team to inquire what individual agent name to enter in the "Selling Agent" field.
  • Can I edit the Team's listings that were added before the Team change?
    Yes. If you would like all your listings from 2024 to be identical for statistical purposes, you can edit any Active, Active New Construction, Active Under Contract, Coming Soon, Temp off Market, and Pending listings to reflect an individual agent in the "Listing Agent 1" field and the Team Name in the "Listing Team" field.
  • How does the Team get credit for past sales as the "Selling Team?"
    If your Team is listed as the "Selling Agent" on listings that have already been closed, please reach out to the Listing Agent to make the changes on the selling side of their listing. If the Listing Agent is unwilling to make the changes, you may fill out this document and submit it to the MLS Department at
  • Will my Team show on a ranking report in the Statistics area?
    Yes! Teams will have their own ranking report in the Statistics area separate from a Broker and Agent ranking report. Teams will no longer show/be ranked in the Agent Ranking Reports.
  • How can I pull a Team Ranking Report?
    You will find the Team Volume Ranking Report under Resources - Statistical Reporting - Ranking - Volume Ranking - Team Please note that once the Team changes take place (September 3, 2024), it will take several months for all past Team sold information to be updated.
  • How does credit work with the new Team changes?
    Good Question.
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