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Doctor's Visit

BR Health Insurance

To be eligible for Baldwin REALTORS Association Health Plan, you must be a W2 employee of someone else, or you must have a W2 employee (other than yourself or your spouse). Health and dental plans are provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, and the vision plan is provided by VSP® Vision Care. All plans are administered by 90 Degree Benefits.

Ready to enroll or re-enroll in BR Health Insurance?

Use the links below to choose which plan(s) are right for you.

Please note: Alabama Association of REALTORS offers insurance coverage, as well. Click Here for more information and to compare plans. 

Benefit Details


Health Option 1:

Blue Secure 1000 Plan


Dental Option 1:

Ortho Included


Vision Plan:

One Option Available


Health Option 2:

Blue Saver 3000 Plan

insurance icons (1).png

Dental Option 2:

Ortho Not Included

Tooth Exam

Steps to Enroll

For those new to BR Health Insurance

Eye Test

 Steps to Re-enroll

Annual requirement for those already on the BR health insurance plans.

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