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Baldwin County's April 2024 Housing Report

ROBERTSDALE, Ala. – The Baldwin County real estate market produced consistent trends in April to what we’ve seen in months prior. Baldwin REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service (MLS) reports an increase in Average Sales Prices for both the Traditional Residential and Resort/Island-based areas of the county, while both areas experienced a decrease in the number of Closed Sales during last month. Where the two areas differed is in the Average Days on Market (DOM) and the number of New Listings added to the market. Traditional Residential reported fewer days on market with more listings added; whereas, Resort/Island-based reported more days on market and less new inventory than the year prior.


In Baldwin County’s Traditional Residential area, average sales price experienced a 2.2% increase from April 2023 at $412,175. Properties stayed on market less time with an average of 54 days, which is 3 fewer days than the average a year ago. There were 59 more new listings added for this area of the county than in April 2023. Total Closed Sales dipped slightly by 2 properties at 383 properties sold.


In the Resort area of Baldwin County (all of Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, and anything in Gulf Shores south of Canal Rd/180), average sales price saw a 6.8% increase from April 2023, resulting in an average of $764,465. Listings spent more time on the on market at an average of 84 days, compared to 65 days the year prior. New inventory for this area of the county slowed by 37 properties in a year-over-year comparison, bringing in 346 new listings versus 383 last year. A decrease was reported in Total Closed Sales as 167 properties sold in April 2024, compared to 200 in April 2023.


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Residential MLS Stats by Area:

Central Baldwin


•       Residential Properties sold in April 2024: 165

•       Average Sales Price: $324,750

•       Average Days on Market: 52

•       Average Sales Price Change from April 2023: Decreased 3.0%


Coastal Condos


•       Residential Properties sold in April 2024: 107

•       Average Sales Price: $651,645

•       Average Days on Market: 81

•       Average Sales Price Change from April 2023: Decreased 3.5%


Coastal Homes


•       Residential Properties sold in April 2024: 97

•       Average Sales Price: $838,670

•       Average Days on Market: 86

•       Average Sales Price Change from April 2023: Increased 20.5%


Eastern Shore


•       Residential Properties sold in April 2024: 177

•       Average Sales Price: $486,666

•       Average Days on Market: 49

•       Average Sales Price Change from April 2023: Increased 2.3%


North Baldwin


•       Residential Properties sold in April 2024: 13

•       Average Sales Price: $295,033

•       Average Days on Market: 63

•       Average Sales Price Change from April 2023: Increased 20.3%


About Baldwin REALTORS®

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