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Baldwin REALTORS® Food Drive successfully benefits over 300 children in Baldwin County

ROBERTSDALE, Ala. – This month Baldwin REALTORS® Community Service Committee held a food drive to benefit Baldwin County students that participate in the Backpack Food Program. This program works with teachers and counselors to identify students who are food insecure and aid them with easy-to-prepare snacks and meals for the weekends. Every Friday, children’s backpacks are filled with food, and their participation is kept unknown to peers, donors and the food pantry.

"With a long semester break coming up, our committee knew we needed to make sure these kids and families had enough food to get by,” said Rachel Romash-Reese, Baldwin REALTORS® Community Service Committee Chairman. “It was amazing to see the association's response! Because of all the donations from different offices, we were able to assist 13 county schools and provide enough food for 309 families. The schools were amazed by how much we delivered."

As an office, Ashurst & Niemeyer LLC donated the largest amount to the drive. “We believe as a company that we need to give back to our community, especially when it involves caring for the nourishment of our local children,” said Kathy Letcher, Ashurst & Niemeyer’s Marketing Coordinator. “We know this year has been difficult for so many. The Christmas break has been heavy on our hearts – especially now knowing that these children will be home for an additional week. We brought all our troops in and did everything we could to give back and make this [food drive] successful.”

Additionally, the Community Service Committee gathered gifts of clothing, shoes and hygiene products for 20 students at Baldwin County’s Alternative School. “These students are often discarded or forgotten due to their current situation,” said Romash-Reese, “but they are just as much in need and deserving of support as anyone else.”



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