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Discover the Hidden Gem for Retirees: Baldwin County, Alabama

As the cost of living continues to rise in popular retirement destinations, an increasing number of retirees are reevaluating their options and looking beyond conventional choices like Florida. A recent interview between J.R. Whalen and Cecilie Rohweidder on the Wall Street Journal's "Your Money Briefing" podcast sheds light on an emerging trend where retirees are turning to Baldwin County, Alabama, as their ideal retirement location. You can take a listen in the video or continue reading this blog post for highlights of the interview’s mentioned reasons behind this shift and the unique features that make Baldwin County an attractive destination for those planning their golden years.


Affordability and Changing Trends

Traditionally, Florida has been a go-to retirement destination, thanks to its lack of state income tax. However, the rising influx of tech and financial services workers has driven up home prices in cities like Fort Lauderdale, making it unaffordable for many retirees. This shift in economic dynamics has prompted retirees to seek more affordable alternatives, with many finding solace in Baldwin County, Alabama.


Baldwin County's Location and Appeal

Baldwin County is in the southwestern part of Alabama, bordering the Gulf of Mexico. This region boasts beautiful beaches like Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, offering a continuation of the Florida coast but at a more affordable price. The appeal of this specific area is further supported by census data, showing that Baldwin County was the fastest-growing county in Alabama between 2010 and 2020.


Cost of Living Comparisons

The primary allure of Baldwin County lies in its affordability. The average salary in the region is $49,000, compared to $57,000 in Lee County and $67,000 in Broward County, Florida. The lower cost of living translates to more affordable housing, groceries, gas, and other essential expenses. Moreover, one of the standout features is the exceptionally low property taxes in Baldwin County, making it even more attractive to retirees on a fixed income.


Economic Considerations and Planning for Retirement

The trend of retirees moving to Baldwin County reflects a growing awareness of financial considerations when planning for retirement. People are becoming more strategic in their choices, looking for places where they can buy property at lower prices, potentially renting it out until retirement. The economist from Florida Atlantic University suggests that Baldwin County is tailor-made for retirees, providing a playbook for other cities to follow by keeping property taxes low and creating an attractive environment for seniors.


Driving Distance and Local Attractions

Baldwin County's proximity to major southern capitals, such as Nashville and Atlanta, positions it as an ideal second home market for those looking to escape city life. Additionally, the allure of white sand beaches, local attractions like the renowned Flora-Bama honkytonk, and unique events like the deep-sea fishing rodeo contribute to the county's growing popularity among retirees.



In the ever-changing landscape of retirement destinations, Baldwin County, Alabama, emerges as an undiscovered haven for those seeking affordability and charm in their golden years. As traditional retirement hotspots lose their appeal due to rising costs, Baldwin County's unique blend of stunning beaches, low property taxes, and an overall affordable lifestyle is increasingly drawing retirees. Now is the opportune moment for those considering a relocation or investment in Baldwin County real estate to explore the possibilities.


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