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Fairhope Park completed with help of Baldwin Realtors

Patrons of the Fairhope Public Library have one more place to gather thanks to a $4,500 Placemaking Grant awarded to the Baldwin Realtors from the National Association of Realtors. Baldwin Realtors held a ceremony with the city of Fairhope on Friday, Dec. 7 to celebrate the completion of the newest park. This grant was used to help make downtown Fairhope a better place to live by transforming an unused space into a vibrant public space for the community to gather and enjoy.

Placemaking Grants are intended to help Realtor Associations partner with others to plan, organize, implement and maintain “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper” placemaking projects in their communities.

Baldwin Realtors and the city of Fairhope used the funds to transform a small space at the west end of the library into a pocket park for the community to enjoy. The transformation includes a butterfly mural, seating, concrete and stone paving work, walking paths, and landscaping to give the area definition and character.

“Realtor Placemaking Grants aim to turn spaces into places,” said Jennifer Foutch, Baldwin Realtors Government Affairs Director. “Baldwin Realtors are happy to have helped turn the space beside the library into a wonderful place that will benefit the community and enhance the area.”

Placemaking Grants are awarded to local and state Realtor associations to help them and their members create new public spaces and destinations in their communities, like turning a parking spot into a people spot (parklet) or a vacant lot into a pocket park. Realtor associations and their Realtor members are actively engaged in their communities and know the neighborhoods and properties that would benefit most from these placemaking projects.

“Realtors are involved in the community at every level,” said Sheila Dodson, CEO of Baldwin Realtors. “Today marks Baldwin Realtors making a better place for the Fairhope community and to beautify surroundings. I look forward to visiting this park and knowing Baldwin Realtors played a part in this tangible place to show our support.”

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About Baldwin Realtors

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