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Local Government Update – April 2023

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting – April 3, 2023

Commercial Retail Center Coming to Hwy. 181 & 104.

The Fairhope Planning Commission granted preliminary plat approval for a 13-lot commercial retail center. The 35-acre property is located at the northeast corner of Hwy. 181 and Hwy. 104. There is a Wawa Convenience Store and Gas Station planned for the corner lot. No plans were publicly disclosed for the remaining lots.

Washington Square Condo Development Receives Plat Approval

The Fairhope Planning Commission granted plat approval for an 8-unit Multiple Occupancy Project (MOP). The 1.74-acre property, located on the west side of Bishop Rd. just north of Morphy Ave., currently has one quadplex that was built prior to the requirement for a MOP. Now developers are proposing the addition of four more units, to bring the total to 8 condos. The property is zoned B-5.

Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – April 6, 2023

Site Plan Approved for New Bayshore Christian School

The Baldwin County Planning Commission gave site plan approval for the construction of Bayshore Christian School that would house grades 7-12. The 25.5-acre site is located west of County Road 13 near the City of Daphne and Belforest Community.

Orange Beach Planning Commission Meeting – April 10, 2023

Re-Zoning Application Receives Denial Recommendation

The Orange Beach Planning Commission gave a denial recommendation for a re-zoning request at 2720 Rollins Road. The .54-acre property is currently zoned NB (Neighborhood Business). Developers were seeking a re-zoning to PUD (Planned Unit Development) for a single-family residential subdivision containing five single-family residential lots and a common amenities lot. Vacation rentals would be allowed. There were 5 houses, each containing 3 bedrooms, planned for 6 lots. Issues over the roadway size and ability for emergency services and fire department equipment were a contributing factor to the denial recommendation.

Spanish Fort Planning Commission Meeting – April 10, 2023

Mini Golf and Go-Cart Track Planned

The Spanish Fort Planning Commission gave approval for a land use application to allow a mini golf and go-cart track. The 8.7-acre property is located just east of the Eastern Shore Lanes at the Eastern Shore Center. The property is zoned B-3 which only allows use for amusement or recreation services with prior approval of the Planning Commission. The go-carts are to be electric and produce minimal noise disturbance.

Spanish Fort Gaining New Fire Station

The Spanish Fort Planning Commission gave site plan approval to a new Fire Station #1. The station will be located at 7500 Spanish Fort Blvd. A new 16,804 square foot building will house fire engines, administrative offices, sleeping facilities, and storage.

Orange Beach City Council Meeting – April 18, 2023

Modifications to Wharf Main Street Receive Final Approval

Developers of the Wharf sought a major PUD modification to the Wharf Planned Unit Development. The Planning Commission gave a favorable recommendation to the request at their March meeting. The modifications would add multiple commercial buildings with over 34,000 square feet of leasable space along with nearly 16,000 square feet of lawn and assembly area with outdoor stage. The additions would be located southwest of the roundabout at the intersection of Main St. and Wharf Lane. The City Council voted unanimously to give final approval to the request. Photo renderings of the design are below.

Wharf Renderings

Setback Modification Approved to Allow Pool in Village of Tannin

The Orange Beach City Council gave final approval to a request for a minor amendment to the PUD Master Plan for the Village of Tannin to allow a swimming pool to encroach into the allowable setback for swimming pools. The property is located on Lot 21 of the Village of Tannin and borders the common area on two sides. No residential lot will border the proposed swimming pool. Under standard zoning pools require a 5’ setback from the side and rear lot lines. This would allow the pool to encroach into the 5’ setback. The HOA of The Village of Tannin, the subdivision’s Architectural Review Committee and the HOA architect were all in agreement with the request.

Foley Planning Commission Meeting – April 19, 2023

Solar Farm Planned for Foley

The Foley Planning Commission gave a favorable recommendation for the pre-zoning of 619 acres located south of County Road 26 and west of County Road 65. The property is currently un-zoned in the County, with a portion zoned RA (Rural Agriculture). Developers are requesting the property be zoned PID (Planned Industrial District) to allow for a proposed solar farm to be used to generate solar power from solar panels absorbing sunlight. The property is currently being used as a sod farm. If constructed, there is a required 250’ landscape buffer between the solar farm and neighboring residences.

Gulf Shores Planning Commission Meeting – April 25, 2023

Text Amendment Recommended for Condotels

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission voted to make amendments to the Zoning text regarding Condotels. The original recommendation was to remove the Condotel use and replace it with the Mixed-Use Condominium option. The Commission voted to recommend adding the Mixed-Use Condo option in addition to the Condotel. A Condotel is a condominium project with Zoning Standards that require it to operate as a hotel. Problems have arisen with buyers or developers not qualifying for mortgage financing under a Condotel use. As a solution, the city is proposing to add a Mixed-Use Condo option in addition to the Condotel use to give developers another option. The Mixed-Use Condo option would be available as a use by right in the ICW-N and ICW-S Zoning Districts, as well as certain zonings in the Beach Area and Walking Area Overlay Districts.

Stockpile Area Requested for Legendary Marina

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission approved the site plan request from Legendary Marina associated with the construction of a marina basin at property located at 355 Waterway West Blvd.In 2021 the city approved a project master plan that included a 45-slip marina, clubhouse, and storage buildings for dry boat storage. Due to significant siltation in the basin area, there will be dredging needed.The site plan has been approved for the dredging stockpile area, which will be located on a portion of Legendary Marine property just west of the marina.The entire process of constructing the spoil site, dredging the material, sifting the material, and grading out the spoil site will take approximately 8 months.There are at least 23 protected trees that would have to be removed from the stockpile area.A tree remediation plan will be required by the city with tree replacement.

Legendary Marina

East Beach Cottages Approved

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission approved the site plan for East Beach Cottages.The 6-lot Cottage Subdivision is located at 481 E. 1st Ave.There are 6 cottages and a common area pool planned for the .41-acre site.All cottages will contain 4 bedrooms.

East Beach Cottages Site Plan



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