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Local Government Update – August 2023

Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – August 3, 2023

137-Lot Highlands at Fish River Subdivision Tabled

The Baldwin County Planning Commission heard a request for the preliminary plat for a 137-lot residential subdivision. The 39-acre property is located on the east side of Bohemian Hall Road, south of County Rd. 48, between Baughman Rd. and White Rd. The subdivision would be built in four phases with the smallest lot size being 7,800 square feet and the largest totaling 14,447 square feet. If approved the development would require left and right turn lanes on Bohemian Hall Rd. at the time of Phase 3 construction. There were unanswered questions about the number of ingress/egress points and sufficient water supply. The application was tabled until further information could be provided.

Massive Tealwood Subdivision Reduces Lot Number

The 636-lot Tealwood subdivision was previously approved for a site located on the north side of Underwood Rd. (County Rd 24), half a mile east of County Rd. 9 and Fish River, and west of County Rd. 49.The 284-acre site received approval for 636 residential lots in seven phases.That application has been modified and will be replaced by the current PUD application due to the recent zoning vote in Planning Dist. 14 which voted to come into zoning.The overall number of lots will be reduced from 636 to 590. The smallest lot size will be 7,700 square feet, and the largest lot size will be 13,308 square feet.Eastbound and westbound right turn lanes at the intersection of Underwood Rd. and County Road 65, east of the development will be required before Phase 6 of the subdivision.

Tealwood Estates Master Plan

Phase 2 of Dogwood Estates Approved

The Baldwin County Planning Commission approved Phase 2 of Dogwood Estates, a 149-unit residential development. The 23-acre site is located on the east side of the Baldwin Beach Express, west of Navy Outlying Landing Field, in the Summerdale area. The smallest lot size will be 7,815 square feet, and the largest 13,609 square feet. A traffic impact study concluded that right and left turn approaches were required at the intersection of County Rd. 36 and the Baldwin Beach Express for installation during Phase 1.

Crain RV Park Receives Denial

An application for Crain RV Park, a 98-site development, received a denial vote from the Baldwin County Planning Commission. The denial was based on concerns about compatibility with the surrounding area. The 16-acre site is located on the south side of U.S. Hwy. 98 between County Rd. 97 and Hillcrest Rd. and is generally located between Elberta and Lillian. The property is zoned RA (rural agricultural).

Manufactured Home Development Receives Denial Recommendation

The Baldwin County Planning Commission voted to send a denial recommendation to the County Commission for Gulfpoint Estates Subdivision, a manufactured housing park.The proposed property is located south of County Rd. 12 and west of County Rd. 49, southwest of Foley.The 36-acre property is zoned RSF-2 and B-2.Developers sought a re-zoning to RMH (Residential Manufactured Housing Park Dist.) The proposed plan called for 161 lots that would be 5,000 square feet each.The subdivision would include ponds, pool, and a walking trail around the perimeter.The manufactured housing would be geared toward workforce and retirement housing.All units would be rentals with rents ranging from $1,500 to $1600 per month.

Examples of Manufactured Housing Designs

Ecovery Facility Expanding in Loxley

The Ecovery Facility in Loxley is seeking to re-zone 45+ acres from M-1 (Light Industrial) to M-2 (General Industrial).In addition to the re-zoning, they are seeking site plan approval on the same property for a 40,000 square foot proposed addition to their scrap metal processing facility.The property is located to the east of Railroad Ave. and south of Black Devine Rd. in Loxley.The Baldwin County Planning Commission voted to send a favorable recommendation to the County Commission.

Daphne City Council Meeting – August 7, 2023

Zoning Approved for Park Lane Intersection

The Daphne City Council gave final approval for the zoning and annexation of property located at the northeast intersection of Parker Lane and County Road 13. The 20-acre parcel was zoned RSF-E within Baldwin County. A request by Holiday Builders was granted to change the zoning to R-6(G) – Garden Patio Home Dist., concurrent with the annexation into the City of Daphne.

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting – August 15, 2023

Fairhope Implementing New Rules in Zoning Ordinance

The Fairhope Planning Commission approved several changes to the zoning ordinance. Covered walkways will be limited to an 8’ wide, unenclosed (not heated/cooled) breezeway perpendicular to the structure. The change was recommended to stop monolithic building structures with connections. The rules for swimming pools are being clarified so that they will not count against the maximum total lot coverage for structures on a property. Residential lighting will be required to direct the light beam below the horizontal plane of the fixture to reflect away from abutting property. And fences or walls that are forward of the front building line will have a maximum height of 4 feet.

Baldwin County Commission Meeting – August 15, 2023

Fairhope Ave. Re-Zoning Approved

The Baldwin County Commission approved the re-zoning of property located on the east side of County Road 13, on the north side of Fairhope Ave. at 9141 Fairhope Ave. The .78-acre parcel is currently zoned RSF-1. It is adjacent to property zoned B-2. The re-zoning to B-2 was approved, but no plans for the property were disclosed.

Orange Beach City Council Meeting – August 15, 2023

Minor Amendment Approved for Buena Vista on the Beach

The Orange Beach City Council approved a request from Buena Vista on the Beach Planned Unit Development (PUD) to amend the PUD Master Plan. The requested change would allow for a covered, non-enclosed area attached to the coach houses which sit adjacent to the RV slips. The area could not exceed 300 square feet. It will allow for the additions of outdoor kitchens or seating areas.

Foley Planning Commission Meeting – August 16, 2023

Foley Restricts Lot Sizes in Planning Jurisdiction

The Foley Planning Commission voted to approve changes to the Land Development Ordinance that will place limits on the subdivision of land within the Foley Planning Jurisdiction (purple hatched area on map below). The changes will require a minimum lot size of 30,000 square feet and minimum lot width of 100 feet within the Planning Jurisdiction. The Planning Jurisdiction extends beyond the corporate limits and is governed by City of Foley planning rules under an agreement with Baldwin County. The language of the ordinance seems to suggest that the need for orderly development as well as public health and safety concerns and a concern over the lack of municipal services outside of the corporate limits prompted the changes.

Foley Planning Jurisdiction shown in Purple Hatched Areas

Daphne Planning Commission Meeting – August 24, 2023

Small’s Smokehouse Approved for Daphne

The Daphne Planning Commission approved the master plan for Small’s Smokehouse. The restaurant is planned for property zoned B-2 located southeast of Santa Rosa Ave. and Main St.

Gulf Shores City Council Meeting – August 28, 2023

Site Plan Approved for Galway House

The Gulf Shores City Council approved the site plan and conditional use permit for the Galway House, a mixed-use development consisting of a lounge/bar on the ground floor and four multifamily dwellings on the upper floor.The BG (General Business) zoned property is located within the Waterway Village Overlay Dist. at 2301 East 2nd St.The existing building is currently under renovation which requires approval to alter the non-conforming structure.Minor deviations from current setback requirements in the Waterway Village Overlay Dist. were approved.

Galway House

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