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Local Government Update – February 2020

Daphne City Council Meeting – February 3, 2020

City Votes to Support New Mobile River Bridge Plan

The City of Daphne voted to support the Eastern Shore Metropolitan Planning Organization(MPO) alternate concept of constructing the new Mobile River Bridge together with new capacity across Mobile Bay in the form of an “expressway” that would augment the existing capacity provided by I-10 and the Causeway. Daphne joins the City of Fairhope and The Baldwin County Commission in supporting the new plan. The full project scope can be found here.

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting – February 3, 2020

5-Lot Summer Lane Subdivision Preliminary Plat Approved

The Fairhope Planning Commission approved the preliminary plat for Summer Lane, a 15-lot residential subdivision on 5.22 acres. The applicant is 24/7 Development Partners of Alabama. The property is located at the east terminus of Summer Lane and is on the west side of S. Section St., generally across from the Fairhope Public Works building. The smallest lot will be 5,430 square feet, and the largest 16,065 square feet. The site plan for the subdivision is unique, in that it is not the traditional lot and block pattern, but will incorporate a roundabout in the center which will provide guest parking, and an alleyway in the back will provide rear loading for lot owners. Common area greenspace will be in the center of the roundabout.

Mini-Warehouse and Boat/RV Storage Coming to East of Daphne

The Baldwin County Planning Commission gave conditional use approval to allow what is known as the Pittman property to be used for mini-warehouse and boat & RV storage. The property is located on the north side of Milton Jones Rd., west of Hwy. 181 in the Daphne area. Plans include eight separate buildings, two of which will house boats and RVs. A total of 417 units and 22 parking spaces are anticipated.

Foley City Council Meeting – February 3, 2020

Foley Restricts Location of Gas Stations

The Foley City Council voted to adopt a zoning amendment that would remove automobile filling stations from the permitted uses under B-2 (Neighborhood Business) Dist. zoning. The placement of an automobile filling station will only be permitted on appeal for B-2 zoned property.

Orange Beach City Council Meeting – February 4, 2020

Ocean Edge Receives Final PUD Approval from Orange Beach Council

The Orange Beach City Council voted to approve the final PUD for Oceans Edge. Orange Beach Ventures, LLC made the request for the PUD approval to re-zone Lots 32, 33, 35, 36, 38, 39, 41, 42, 44, and 45 of Romar Vista Subdivision from RM-2, and Lot 50 from NB, to PUD for a residential subdivision containing 14 lots. The property is located on the north and beachfront sides of Romar Vista Place, east of the Opal Condominium, and will encompass more than three acres total. The property is currently vacant. In 2005 the Council approved a 25-story, 108-unit condominium on the site, but the development never materialized. Later, in 2007, another site plan application for a 12-story, 10-unit condominium was denied. Plans for the 14 residential lots include structures made of hardie board & batten siding and metal roofing. The 6 beachfront lots will have 8 bedrooms, while the north lots will be 3-4 bedrooms. Planned amenities include a pool and a dune walkover.

Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – February 6, 2020

Small RV Park Approved in Wilcox Area

The Baldwin County Planning Commission gave final site plan approval for Osprey Park, an 8-lot RV park. The property is located on the east side of Osprey Lane, approximately .65 miles west of County Road 64, in the Wilcox area. The 20-acre property is un-zoned.

Re-Zoning Recommended for Property on County Road 64

The Baldwin County Planning Commission voted to give a favorable recommendation for a re-zoning request for 5 acres located on the north side of County Road 64, just east of Hwy. 181 in the Daphne area. The property is currently zoned RSF-E. The requested zoning change is for B-3. There has been some indication that a convenience store is being planned for the site. The zoning recommendation will now go to the County Commission, which has the final approval on all re-zonings.

Fairhope City Council Meeting – February 10, 2020

RSA Temporarily Withdraws Watershed West Application

The Retirement Systems of Alabama withdrew their request before the Fairhope City Council to establish an initial zoning of TR (Tourist Resort) District conditioned upon annexation into the City of Fairhope. Plans for the 7.23-acre property included subdividing it into 10 residential lots. The property is located on the south side of Old Battles Rd. across from Poviner Place Subdivision, between Lakewood Azalea Golf Course holes two and three. The proposals were met with united opposition from area residents in the Point Clear community. Complaints stemmed from the negative impact on the environment, preservation of large historic oak trees, the precarious location in relation to the golf course, and a perceived abuse of the spirit and intent of the TR zoning district designation. The Planning Commission voted 7-1 to send a denial recommendation to the city council for the zoning and annexation request at their December meeting. Developers stated an intent to bring back a revised design to the Fairhope City Council in a few months.

Orange Beach City Council Meeting – February 18, 2020

Orange Beach Restricts Use of Metal Siding

The Orange Beach City Council voted to further restrict the use of metal siding as a building material. The Council voted to prohibit the use of metal siding for any exterior wall of a mini-warehouse building.

Gulf Shores Planning Commission Meeting – February 18, 2020

Site Plan Approved for Accounting Office

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission approved the site plan for Crow, Shield, and Bailey. The accounting firm is planning to construct a 3,720 square foot professional office building on Lot 7 of Midtown Gulf Shores Subdivision, located at 1550 West 2nd St.

Fairhope Planning Commission Work Session Meeting – February 18, 2020

Greeno Road Overlay Dist. Still Being Discussed

The Fairhope Planning Commission held another public work session to discuss the latest proposals for the creation of an overlay district along the Greeno Rd. corridor. The city has gone through a series of meetings and the proposals have been paired down from the initial version. The current plan would prohibit stand-alone ATMs and ice vending machines; existing facilities would be grandfathered. Any application for a car wash, hotel/B&B, auto service or repair, convenience store, or anything with a drive-through lane, would trigger a site plan review. All new development would have to position the structures to the front building line, with parking to the side and rear. There would also be a requirement for 4-sided architecture, so that the back and sides of the development were also aesthetically pleasing. These proposals would only apply within the city limits, and any property currently zoned single family residential would be exempt. The new proposals are expected to go before the planning commission and city council soon, barring any other changes.

Foley Planning Commission Meeting – February 19, 2020

Foley Planning Commission Approves Site Plans at February Meeting

The Foley Planning Commission approved the site plan for The Reserve at Foley. This is a planned gated community with one building, housing units for residents over the age of 55 years. The property is located south of County Rd. 12, and west of the Foley Beach Express.

The Foley Planning Commission approved the site plan for a self-storage facility which will include climate controlled, enclosed boat and RV storage and covered spaces. The property is located north of U.S. Hwy. 98 and east of the Foley Beach Express.

The Foley Planning Commission approved the site plan for the Sweat Tire Company to open a tire service business. The property is located at 21833 County Rd. 12.

Mapping Error Causing Need for Re-Zonings in Foley

The Foley Planning Commission voted to recommend a zoning change request for property located at 209 W. Orange Ave. The property is currently within two zoning classifications; B-1 and R-1B. The re-zoning request was to make the entire property B-1. The re-zoning request was necessitated by a mapping error when the city changed over from hand drawn maps to more modern mapping techniques. Under the current mapping system, the zoning line ran down the middle of the property, creating two zoning districts within one parcel. The re-zoning was necessary to clean up the map and facilitate the sale of the property. The city anticipates more properties will need to be re-zoned to clean up mapping errors. The city is not charging residents for re-zoning applications due to the mapping errors, and is planning to hold a workshop for residents to address the issue.

Fairhope City Council Meeting – February 27, 2020

Time Limit Imposed for Starting Construction on a PUD

The Fairhope City Council took action to amend an ordinance relating to the time limits to begin construction for a PUD (Planned Unit Development). The council approved a sunset clause which would address the time in which an approved PUD must start construction. The amendment states that failure to begin the development of the PUD within a two-year period shall automatically void the Master Development Plan, and the zoning classifications shall become RA (rural agriculture).


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