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Local Government Update – June 2022

Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – June 2, 2022

Businesses Expanding in Daphne Area

The Baldwin County Planning Commission gave site plan approval to two business expansions in the Daphne area. Empire Construction received site plan approval to add a 3,750 square foot office building for their concrete business. The 3.28-acre property is located on the south side of Wells Rd. In another action the Planning Commission approved the site plan for Consolidated Fence Co. They are adding a 1,000 square foot addition to an existing building. The 1.5-acre property is located on the south side of Milton Jones Rd., west of Hwy. 181.

Loxley Area Business Expanding

The Baldwin County Planning Commission approved the site plan to expand the Ecovery business located east of Railroad Ave. and south of Black Devine Rd., in the Loxley area. The 45-acre site is zoned M-1 (Light Industrial). The expansion will include the construction of two new warehouses. The north warehouse addition will add 55,000 square feet of space, and the south warehouse addition will add another 27,000 square feet of space. There are 160 additional parking spaces included in the site plan.

84-Lot Subdivision Planned

The Baldwin County Planning Commission approved the preliminary subdivision plat for a future 84-lot residential subdivision to be known as Cottonwood Estates. The 38-acre property is located at the northwest intersection of River Park Road (CR33) and Champion Road, approximately ¾ miles south of County Road 32. The un-zoned property lies west of Fish River. The average lot size is 60’ x 130’.

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting – June 6, 2022

Annexation Requested for Hwy. 181/104 Northeast Corner

The Fairhope Planning Commission heard a request for conditional annexation and zoning for 34 acres located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Hwy. 181 and Hwy. 104. The land is currently undeveloped and lies within the County. A zoning classification of B-2 is being requested along with annexation into the City of Fairhope. No plans were publicly disclosed for the parcel.

Preliminary Plat Request Tabled for South Fairhope Subdivision Development

The Fairhope Planning Commission heard from multiple residents who were unhappy about development plans for the Lone Oak Farms residential subdivision. The 57.7-acre property is located near the northeast corner of Pierce Road and County Road 32. The property is un-zoned and lies within the County, and also within the Fairhope Planning jurisdiction. There are plans for an 82-lot residential subdivision to be built out by DR Horton. Questions over the sufficiency of the stormwater discharge and drainage infrastructure caused the planning commission to table the request for preliminary plat until further information could be gathered. It is expected to come before the planning commission again at the next meeting.

Orange Beach Planning Commission Meeting – June 13, 2022

Solis Condominium Project Seeks Approval

The Orange Beach Planning Commission granted a site plan approval recommendation for the Solis Condominium project. SB Property Holdings, LLC made the request. They are seeking to construct a 24- story condominium project containing 132 units. The property is located beachside at 25802 Perdido Beach Blvd., east of Summerchase Condominiums and west of the Cotton Bayou public beach access. Plans call for a mixture of 2,3-,4-, and 5-bedroom units. A parking garage will encompass the first five floors, with 19 residential floors above. A total of 351 parking spaces will be provided. ALDOT is requiring a right-in and right-out turning motion at the entrance. The project will include a pool and lazy river.

Rendering of Solis Condominium

Lot Division Approved in Orange Beach

The Orange Beach Planning Commission approved the re-subdivision of 27.5 acres. The request came from First Baptist Church, Inc. to subdivide the property into two lots. The property is located at the end of Oak Ridge Drive West, west and northwest of Oak Ridge subdivision Unit 2. It is zoned MHS (Mobile Home Subdivision). After the division two lots will be created with Lot A being 5.1 acres and Lot B being 22.4 acres. No plans were publicly disclosed for the property.

Gulf Shores City Council Meeting – June 13, 2022

Private Overflow Parking Gains Final Approval

The Gulf Shores City Council gave final approval to a request for a conditional use permit to construct a private overflow parking lot to be located at 19826 W. 36th Ave. The .9-acre property is located in the northwest part of the city, and zoned BA. A 51-space paid parking lot is proposed to help ease the parking constraints from condos, special events, and future airport traffic.

Spanish Fort Planning Commission Meeting – June 13, 2022

Wolfe-Bayview Funeral Home Plans Additional Location

The Spanish Fort Planning Commission heard a request from Wolfe-Bayview Funeral Home to add an additional location at 6470-B U.S. Hwy. 90. The land use received approval from the Planning Commission with additional conditions. The site may only be used for a small funeral chapel seating no more than 30 people. It can only be used for private viewings for small family groups. No body preparation or storage will take place on site, and no funeral processions will be allowed. Parking will be shared through a reciprocal access easement with the adjacent shopping center.

New Urgent Care Facility Planned in Spanish Fort

The Spanish Fort Planning Commission gave initial approval for the land use application for Alpha Care, an urgent care medical facility. A 3,000 square foot urgent care facility is planned for lot 2 of the Baldwin Bone and Joint Subdivision on Eastern Shore Blvd.

Daphne City Council Meeting – June 20, 2022

U-Haul Gains Final Re-Zoning Approval for Daphne Development

The Daphne City Council gave final approval for the re-zoning of property located southeast of the intersection of Whispering Pines Rd. and Hwy. 98. The 4.13-acre property is currently zoned B-1, Local Business. The new zoning will be B-2A. The change was sought to facilitate the development of a U-Haul enclosed self-storage facility with a truck and trailer rental component. The land is currently vacant. The project is estimated to be a $10 million investment which will add 15-20 jobs.

Rendering of U-Haul Facility

Baldwin County Commission Meeting – June 21, 2022

Re-Zoning in Robertsdale Area for Future Subdivision

The Baldwin County Commission granted approval for a re-zoning request for 39 acres in the Robertsdale area. The property is located on the west side of Hwy. 59 and south of Thompson Rd. The vacant land was zoned RA (Rural Agriculture). The new zoning is RSF-4. The re-zoning was sought for the purpose of developing a future residential subdivision which would be consistent with the other developments in the immediate area.

Daphne Planning Commission Meeting – June 23, 2022

Swim Facility Received Site Plan Approval

The Daphne Planning Commission approved a site plan request from Haley’s Little Fish, LLC to construct a swimming club facility. The .62-acre property is located southwest of the intersection of Pollard Rd. and American Way. The property is zoned C/I (Commercial Industrial).

Daphne Considers Making Amendments to Land Use Ordinances

The Daphne Planning Commission heard a presentation from city staff about proposed amendments to the Land Use and Development Ordinance. The changes being considered include the following:

  • Reduce the number of parking spaces required for senior living developments.

  • Increase the number of parking spaces required for townhome developments.

  • Establish density requirements for mixed-use commercial developments.

  • Restrict mini warehouses to commercial industrial (CI) zoning districts.

  • Allowance for off-site commercial parking lots with conditions.

  • Require build-to-rent developments use a PUD (planned unit development)

  • Retaining walls over 4’ in height must be stamped by a professional engineer.

The proposals will be drafted in final form and move to city council for further consideration.

Fairhope City Council Meeting – June 27, 2022

Site Plan Approved Alpha Care

The Fairhope City Council gave final approval to the site plan for Alpha Care, a single unit medical/dental/health office development. The site is 1.1 acres on the east side of Greeno Rd., south of Gayfer Ave. The site is currently undeveloped. A 3,000 square foot building is planned for the site.

Fairhope Amends Zoning Ordinance for Hotels in Certain Districts

The Fairhope City Council gave final approval to a zoning amendment for the B-3a and B-3b districts. The change to B-3a and B-3b will restrict a hotel/motel or bed and breakfast use by only allowing on appeal to the Board of Adjustments and under special conditions. Currently a hotel/motel use is allowed by right in B-3a and B-3b zoning and a bed and breakfast is allowed by right in B-3b. The highest concentration of B-3a and B-3b zoning is located around the pier park and Fly Creek Marina areas. A summary of the change and map showing affected areas is located below.

Magnolia Ave. Project Receives Extension

The Fairhope City Council approved a six-month extension to the site plan for a mixed-use project planned for 301 Magnolia Ave. The project initially received site plan approval in July of 2021, but construction has not started. The .5-acre property is located at the northeast corner of Magnolia Ave. and Church St. A 2-story building with 7 residential units and 3 commercial units is planned.



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