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5 Services You Want Included in Your Home Inspection

The information and expertise found in this blog article was provided and sponsored by our Affiliate Partner, Pillar to Post Home Inspectors.

Today’s post-pandemic real estate market is fast and full of a new phenomenon: consumers buying homes “sight unseen.” This means that people are going under contract on a house before they have ever stepped foot inside of it. Whether you’re rushing to snag that dream home you’ve seen in person or trusting the expertise of your REALTOR® and the virtual showings they’ve provided you, there’s a service company stepping up to make sure buyer’s remorse is a thing of the past.

Daniel Sloan with Pillar to Post describes their Ultimate Home Inspection service as “the home inspection of all home inspections.” They take the average home inspection steps further by providing these five services (and more!).

1. Plumbing Inspection

A feature that often is forgotten in the consideration process of a home – because it’s hidden – is the plumbing. While this may not be as big of a concern for new builds, older homes have the potential to experience costly issues. “Some older-aged homes will have clay pipes that run the risk of cracking,” says Sloan. “With our sewer scopes, we can look for these cracks and let you know if a large investment will be required to replace your sewer lines. It can cost a homeowner up to $10,000 in some instances.”

2. Recommended Repair Estimates

With any Pillar to Post Home Inspection package, not only will you get a list of items needing repair, but you will also get an estimate of how much these repairs will cost. By working with affiliate partners, Pillar to Post provides you with an itemized breakdown of the repairs they suggest and the affiliate estimates of how much each individual repair will cost you. “We call this ‘the moment of truth,’” says Sloan. “It is the moment when the emotion of buying and selling a home meets the reality of the issues of that home. Our work is to communicate effectively, knowledgeably, efficiently, and openly about the condition of a home. We feel this is best done by providing buyers with estimates, along with the description of issues.” But, why is this so important? As the buyer, you want to feel good about your purchase agreement, and this gives you (and your REALTOR®) the knowledge to negotiate with the seller until both parties are pleased.

3. Floor Plan Renderings

Once repairs are determined, you may want to go ahead and have these items corrected before you move into your new home. This is one scenario where the “PTPFloorPlan” service truly shines. By upgrading your home inspection package to either the Premium or Prestige packages, you receive the added benefit of a full floor plan of your home, including measurements, which you can then pass on to contractors for repairs. “These floor plans are also really helpful to have during the ‘Pending’ phase of homebuying when your offer’s been accepted and you’re just waiting to close,” says Sloan. “People love that they can go back to this floor plan anytime as they try to decide things like where they’ll place their furniture when they move in. Between this feature and the 360-degree visual inspection summary that comes with all our inspections, you’ll have a clear understanding of the home you’re buying. It also saves time for everyone involved in the transaction when you don’t have to go searching for answers.

4. The Age of Big-Ticket Items

Everyone wants to know the age of things, especially the larger cost items like the roof, AC unit, and water heater. But it’s important to make sure you are finding this out from your home inspector’s report, not just the selling agent. “When you see the words ‘newly installed’ in the description of a property, that does not necessarily mean it’s new,” says Sloan. “I have inspected homes before that were marketed as having a newly installed AC unit, only to find out during my inspection that it was a refurbished unit from 2013."

5. Inside the Walls

Also included in the Premium and Prestige packages is a service called “Infrared Scan.” Infrared scanning allows the Pillar to Post team to “see inside the walls” to check the moisture levels. This home inspection feature is incredibly important in an area like Baldwin County, Alabama, where humidity is high and mold is a real concern.

The Home of Home Inspection

These five features are just the start of all you can receive from a Pillar to Post “Ultimate Home Inspection.” And by working with a member of Daniel Sloan’s team, you can be sure you’re working with professionals that care about the real estate industry and support your local REALTORS®. Pillar to Post Home Inspectors regularly sponsors Baldwin REALTORS® classes and events which provides education to our members at a discounted rate. “We consider our local customers to be real estate professionals, home buyers and home sellers. We treat each with the upmost respect and aim to serve them with unmatched quality, precision, integrity, and professionalism.”



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