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Local Government Update – August 2021

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting – August 2, 2021

More Residential Development Planned for Hwy. 181 Corridor

The Fairhope Planning Commission gave a favorable recommendation for an initial zoning request for a PUD (Planned Unit Development) concurrent with annexation for 193 acres. The property is located on both the east and west sides of Hwy. 181, near The Waters Subdivision. All total the single-family residential development, to be known as “Harvest Green” would add 375 lots. The western phase would be located west of Hwy. 181 and north of The Waters Subdivision. Plans for the western side include 148 lots with home designs by Truland. The eastern phase would be on the eastern side of Hwy. 181 and directly across from The Waters Subdivision. The eastern phase would be denser with 227 lots with home designs by D.R. Horton. Amenities for the development include 2 pools, 2 playgrounds, a multi-purpose court, exercise area, and multi-use trails. The applicant plans to have all lots ready to build by November 2023, with a six-year projected complete build out. The favorable recommendation was conditioned upon the construction of a stub-out street on the south end of the western phase for possible future connectivity with The Waters Subdivision. Final approvals will be required from the Fairhope City Council.

Harvest Green Site Layout

Hwy. 181 Apartment Request Tabled for Now

The Fairhope Planning Commission heard a request from the Corte Family Trust for preliminary approval of 206-unit Multiple Occupancy Project (MOP). The property is approx. 36 acres, located on the east side of Hwy. 181 across from The Waters Subdivision and directly south of the proposed “Harvest Green” residential subdivision. The property is currently in un-zoned Baldwin County but lies within the Planning Jurisdiction of Fairhope, which has review of the MOP. There are 2-unit and 3-unit buildings planned for the project which would also include a clubhouse area with amenities. The Planning Commission questioned the lack of connectivity to adjacent properties, greenspace deficiencies and street plan. The request was tabled at the August meeting. The request could come back before the Planning Commission at a later date.

Proposed Multiple Occupancy Project – Hwy. 181

Spanish Fort City Council Meeting – August 2, 2021

Re-Zonings Approved for Convenience Store/Restaurant

The Spanish Fort City Council gave final approval for two re-zoning requests for Lots 1 & 2 of Cantina Subdivision. The property is located at the east corner of Stagecoach Rd. and Hwy. 31, across from the Dollar General. The re-zonings to B-3 and B-4 were concurrent with annexation of the property into the municipal limits. Plans for the property include a convenience store and restaurant.

Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – August 5, 2021

Site Plan Approved for 288-Unit Malbis Apartments

The Baldwin County Planning Commission gave final site plan approval to the Parkside at Eastern Shore apartment complex proposed for the Historic Malbis area. The 288-unit apartment development is planned for the north side of Hwy. 90, just east of the corporate limits of the City of Daphne and just east of the Historic Malbis subdivision. The 42-acre site is un-zoned within the County. The approval was contingent upon the Alabama Dept. of Transportation granting a right turn lane request for Hwy. 90.

Plantation RV Park Approved

The Baldwin County Planning Commission gave final site plan approval for Plantation RV Park. The 48-unit RV Park is to be located on un-zoned property on the west side of County Road 65, 1.2 miles north of County Road 12.

Fairhope City Council Meeting – August 9, 2021

Short Term Rentals Allowed in Entire Fairhope Central Business District

The Fairhope City Council approved an amendment which will allow an absolute right to short term rentals on property located within the Fairhope Central Business District. This amendment will apply regardless on the underlying zoning on the property. The change was made to simplify the process for rentals, as the city was receiving re-zoning requests for the sole purpose of facilitating short-term rentals on property already within the Central Business Dist., but not zoned for short-term rentals.

Amendment Approved to Protect Commercial Space in Downtown Fairhope

The Fairhope City Council gave final approval to an amendment which will require at least 50% of the gross floor area on the ground floor level of mixed-use developments be dedicated to commercial space within the Central Business Dist. The change was made to protect the integrity of the commercial nature of the business district from the over development of residential space in mixed-use projects by keeping enough ground level space as commercial.

Baldwin County Commission Meeting – August 17, 2021

Re-Zoning Approved for Nursing Home on Hwy. 181

The Baldwin County Commission gave final approval for the re-zoning of 9.7 acres from RSF-3 to CR (Conservation Resource) zoning. The change in zoning will allow for the development of a nursing home facility that will specialize in memory care for female patients. The property is located on the west side of Hwy. 181, just south of Summerset Dr.

Re-Zoning Approved for RV Park

The Baldwin County Commission gave final approval for the re-zoning of 40 acres from B-3 to RV-2. The property is located on the west side of Roscoe Rd., between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Plans for the property include the development of a recreational vehicle park community with a club house and pool, with RV lots surrounding two lakes. Plans include clustering the lots on the northeast side of the development to leave over 1/3 of the property in its natural condition. The development intends to sell the lots to owners, and create a POA with covenants, restrictions, and maintenance requirements. The Planned Residential Development (PRD) site plan was also approved for the first phase of the project.

Re-Zoning Approved on County Road 64

The Baldwin County Commission voted to re-zone 3 acres from B-1 to B-3. The property is located on the south side of County Road 64, east of Austin Rd. The re-zoning was sought to facilitate the construction of an office and warehouse building for an electrical contracting company.

Orange Beach City Council Meeting – August 17, 2021

Romar Beach Hotel Approved

The Orange Beach City Council gave final approval to re-zone 1.7 acres from RM-2 (Multi-Family Residential High Density) to PUD (Planned Unit Development). The property is located at 23370 Perdido Beach Blvd. on the site of the existing Romar Beach Baptist Church. The re-zoning was requested to allow the construction of a Loft Hotel by Marriott. The boutique style hotel will have 76 guest rooms on 4 stories, plus a parking deck. The Planning Commission previously voted to send a favorable recommendation to the City Council for the re-zoning request. The recommendation was conditioned upon a re-design of the building to include more attractive coastal design components. The original design concept elevation was not considered to be an attractive design by members of the Planning Commission. A modified design was submitted to the City Council, but still did not meet full acceptance.

Foley Planning Commission Meeting – August 18, 2021

South Baldwin Hospital Expanding in Foley

The Foley Planning Commission recommended approval for the Re-Zoning of 3.73 acres located west of N. McKenzie St. and south of Peachtree Ave. Currently the property has a mixture of zonings including PUD, R-1A and B-1A. The proposed new zoning is PO (Preferred Office District). The re-zoning was sought to facilitate the $150 million expansion of the hospital. The hospital capacity is expected to go from 119 beds to 143 beds and include a surgical center and offices. The hospital expansion will take up the current footprint of the parking area. The re-zoned property will be used to develop a new parking area. A site plan was also approved which will include landscaping buffers and an additional entrance on McKenzie St.

Gulf Shores Planning Commission Meeting – August 24, 2021

Re-Zoning Sought for Portion of Former Aventura PUD

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of a re-zoning request for property located at the corner of Northshore St. and Landward Dr. The 1.99-acre property is currently zoned R-1-4 and is the subject of a re-zoning request for BG (General Business). The property was originally part of the Aventura PUD, which has gone through several amendments. This lot was recently administratively removed from the PUD. The removal was allowed because it did not increase the density or reduce the green space of the development. No specific plans were presented for the property. A condition of approval was a height limit of 5 stories.

Site Plan Approved for Plumbing Contractor Business

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission approved the site plan for Bruce’s Plumbing. The plumbing contractor business intends to construct a 5,000 square foot commercial building to be located directly south of 7369 Alamo Circle. The .81-acre lot is zoned GB (General Business). The one-story building will house an office and warehouse facility for the plumbing business.

Daphne Planning Commission Meeting – August 26, 2021

Site Plan Approved for Funeral Home

The Daphne Planning Commission approved the site plan request for a funeral home to be located northwest of U.S. Hwy. 90 and Renaissance Blvd. The site plan request included a request for a waiver to the wetland buffer requirement. The 2.57-acre site is in the D’Olive Creek watershed, a priority wetland watershed that has had extensive restoration work completed. The engineer for the project requested a water discharge point 5’ into the protected wetland buffer. The engineer requested a waiver to use the flattest point on the site for discharge of water to reduce velocity and possible erosion, which required a 5’ encroachment on the wetland buffer zone. The site plan and waiver request were approved.

Savannah Estates Subdivision Comes Before Daphne Planning Commission

Savannah Estates, a planned 122-acre residential subdivision northeast of County Road 64 and County Road 54 West came before the Daphne Planning Commission for subdivision approval. The development has previously gone before the Baldwin County Planning Commission and the Baldwin County Commission for zoning and site plan approvals. The property lies in the County, but within the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction of Daphne, hence the multiple reviews. The Daphne Planning Commission approved the subdivision request to sub-divide Phase I of the multi-phase development. Phase I consists of 44 acres, and 96 residential lots. A total of around 355 residential lots are expected upon completion of all phases.

Savannah Estates Master Plan

Pre-Zoning and Annexation Sought for Hwy. 181 Development Outside Daphne

The Daphne Planning Commission heard a request from Joe Manci for the pre-zoning and annexation of 53 acres located northeast of Hwy. 181 and Saint Michael Way. The property is currently zoned RA (Rural Agriculture) within Baldwin County zoning. Developers are requesting annexation into the city and a zoning change to PUD (Planned Unit Development). Plans for the property include a mixture of commercial and residential. The westernmost 21 acres which borders Hwy. 181 is planned as a commercial hub with a possible anchor store being a grocery. Commercial tenants are speculatory at this time, but grocery and pet store were cited as possibilities. The easternmost 32 acres are planned as a residential subdivision, which would abut Dunmore Subdivision to the north. The Planning Commission voted 6-1 to recommend the zoning change and annexation, conditioned upon limiting the “by right” commercial uses to a grocery or pet store for the commercial portion of the project. The request will now move to the City Council for final consideration.

Joseph Manci Proposed Development – Hwy 181



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