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Local Government Update – May 2022

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting – May 2, 2022

Lawrence Road Multi-Family Project Receives Denial

The Fairhope Planning Commission recommended denial for a 136-unit townhome apartment project known as Gables on Lawrence. The project was being proposed for the east side of Lawrence Rd, approximately .1 miles south of Grant Rd. The 19.9-acre property is un-zoned in the County but lies within the Fairhope Planning Jurisdiction. This application was received prior to the city enacting a moratorium on new developments in this area, and prior to the district voting to enact zoning. There was concern by the staff that the plan did not meet the city greenspace requirements. Concerned residents in the area argued that it would create drainage problems, traffic congestion, and did not fit the area. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to send a denial recommendation for the multiple occupancy permit based on the adverse effects that could be generated by drainage, increased traffic, inadequate greenspace, and not meeting the goals of the comprehensive plan for the area.

Gables on Lawrence

Orange Beach City Council Meeting – May 3, 2022

Deviations from Setback Standards Receive Denial

The Orange Beach City Council heard two requests for variances to deviate from setback standards. Both cases received a denial. The first request involved property at Parks Edge, north of Tannin. A request for a setback deviation to allow for a storage shed addition to encroach 7’ into a 10’ setback was denied. The second request came from Truland Homes, the builder of Summer Salt PUD Lot 60. That request was for a setback deviation on the southwest side of the lot due to the shape of the lot which narrowed toward the end. A 1.25’ encouragement was requested into the 5’ setback of the cottage lot. This request also received a denial by the City Council who reasoned that the lot shape did not create a hardship and the lot size was obvious when they bought and developed the property.

Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – May 5, 2022

Re-Zoning Request in Lillian Receives Denial Recommendation

The Baldwin County Planning Commission heard a request to re-zone 29.4 acres from B-4 to RSF-4. The property is located on the north side of Hwy. 98 on the east side of County Rd. 91. The re-zoning request was met with strong opposition from neighboring residents who were opposed to another tract home development with small lots in that location. The purpose of the re-zoning request was to develop a 93-lot single family subdivision. The Planning Commission voted to send a denial recommendation to the County Commission.

Lillian Development Concept Plan

Belforest Re-Zoning Request for 104-lot Subdivision Receives Denial Recommendation

The Baldwin County Planning Commission heard a re-zoning request for 54 acres located in the Belforest area, east of Hwy. 181 and near Rebel Rd. Truland Homes is proposing a 104-lot residential subdivision similar to the Waterford Subdivision to the south. Lot sizes would be 80’ in width. The current zoning of the property is a combination of RSF-2 and RSF-E. The request is to change the zoning to RSF-3. The Planning Commission voted to send a denial recommendation to the County Commission based on their assessment of an incompatible zoning density with the surrounding area and increased traffic concerns for the existing infrastructure.

Orange Beach Planning Commission Meeting – May 9, 2022

Courtyard Addition Approved for Moe’s BBQ

The Orange Beach Planning Commission approved a site plan for Moe’s Original BBQ Restaurant located at 25603 Perdido Beach Blvd. The plan includes the addition of a container box to house a new service bar and restroom facility in the rear courtyard area. Additional seating will also be located in the rear courtyard.

Liquid Life Building New Operation Center

Liquid Life Vacation Rentals received site plan approval to construct an operation facility to be located at 4404 Canal Square Lane in Orange Beach. The location is directly north of the Gulf Stream Townhouse Development. The property is zoned GB (General Business). Plans include the construction of a 10,093 square foot 2-story building. Warehouse space will be on the first floor, with office and dormitory space on the second floor. Up to five dormitory rooms will be occupied by seasonal college workers. Guest check-in will not take place at this location.

Foley City Council Meeting – May 16, 2022

Foley Enacts Temporary Moratorium on Land Development

The Foley City Council enacted a temporary moratorium on land disturbance permits while they consider a new Land Development Ordinance. The moratorium does not affect permits that have already been received by the Departments and are under review or have been approved. The new ordinance being developed will add more environmental protections for construction, increase green space requirements with active green space, sidewalks on arterial roads, wellhead protection, development of an escrow account for stormwater facilities maintenance, and tree protection credits. There is a condition in the moratorium which will allow an exception if the applicant meets all the new requirements of the proposed Land Development Ordinance. The moratorium is planned to be in effect until the adoption of the new ordinance.

Daphne City Council Meeting – May 16, 2022

Final Re-Zoning & Annexation Approved for Hope Vineyard Subdivision

The Daphne City Council gave final approval to a request to pre-zone and annex a 108-acre parcel. The property is located on the east side of County Rd. 13 and abuts Oldfield Subdivision. The applicant, Red Barn LLC, is seeking R-6G (Garden Patio Home) zoning. Plans for the property include the construction of 236 residential lots with varying lot widths of 52’, 60’, 70’, and 90’. The development, referred to as Hope Vineyard, will have two vehicular connectors on County Rd. 13. It will also have four vehicular connectors to Oldfield Subdivision. Amenities include 36% open space with a network of walking trails and lakes.

Baldwin County Commission Meeting – May 17, 2022

Re-Zoning Approved for Barber Marina Expansion

The Baldwin County Commission gave final approval to a re-zoning request for 22.9 acres of vacant land located west of the Barber Marina. The property is currently zoned RA (Rural Agriculture). The requested zoning is MR (Marine Resort). Plans for the property include an expansion of the marina, boat and marine services, and additional office space.

Re-Zoning for Fairhope Drive-Thru Coffee Shop Gains Final Approval

The Baldwin County Commission voted to approve the re-zoning of .5 acres on the east side of Hwy. 98, north of Montrose Woods Dr., on the north end of Fairhope. The property fronts Hwy. 98 and is currently zoned B-2. Developers are requesting B-3 zoning to allow a drive-thru coffee shop on the property. Further site plan review will be necessary for the drive thru.

Gulf Shores City Council Meeting – May 23, 2022

Gulf Shores Expanding Wetland Restoration Area

The Gulf Shores City Council approved the purchase of a 23-acre parcel on Bon Secour Bay approximately 10 miles west of Hwy. 59 on Ft. Morgan Rd. The property will be used for conservation and environmental education programs to be developed in partnership with the Gulf Shores City Schools and the Gulf Coast Center for Eco Tourism and Sustainability. The purchase of the 23-acre property was $850,000. The city also accepted a donation of 37 acres of wetlands in the Oyster Bay and Bon Secour Wetland restoration area which abuts the 370-acre Oyster Bay Nature Preserve.

Fairhope City Council Meeting – May 23, 2022

Tree Issue Resolved; Fairhope Ave. Development Approved

The Fairhope City Council gave final approval for the site plan and multiple occupancy project planned for 412 Fairhope Ave. The .07-acre site lies on the south side of Fairhope Ave. between S. Section St. and Bancroft St. The property is zoned B-2 and within the Central Business Dist. There is currently a historic structure on the site which is in disrepair. Plans include the demolition of the existing structure. A new 2-story building is planned with retail space on the ground floor and two residential units on the top floor. Design plans call for a balcony which extends over the city sidewalk and encroaches upon a street tree. The case was tabled last month due to the unresolved tree issue. An agreement was reached where the developer will add five tree wells to the block as a compromise for removal of the existing tree to allow for the balcony.

Gulf Shores Planning Commission Meeting – May 24, 2022

Approvals Granted for Waterway Wines

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission granted a conditional use permit for a mixed-use retail wine store and tasting room with four multi-family dwelling units. The project, to be known as Waterway Wines, is planned for a 1955 era vacant building located at 2301 E. 2nd St. The location is within the Waterway Village Overlay Dist. and is zoned BG (general business). The current historic building is classified as a nonconforming structure due to not meeting the requirement of the building form and placement standards of the overlay district. Waterway Wines requested the conditional use permit to allow for the adaptive reuse of the property to repurpose the existing structure for new use. The Planning Commission granted the request due to it fitting within the purpose of the Waterway Village Overlay Dist. The building was originally a mercantile store that provided goods to the residents of Gulf Pines and surrounding neighborhoods.

Rendering of Waterway Wines

Site Plan Approved for Furniture Repair Business

Soltis Furniture was granted site plan approval for the construction of a 2,880 square foot building to house a furniture repair business. The .29-acre property is located at 5686 Dee St. in Gulf Shores. The one-story structure will be a prefabricated metal building with hardi board veneer and two roll up doors along the street frontage.

New City Park Receives Site Plan Approval

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission approved the site plan for the new Laguna Cove City Park. The 53-acre park will border the southern part of Little Lagoon. The park will have amenities including walking paths, boardwalks, pavilion, kayak launch, and restroom facilities. The park is being funded by a $4.4 million NRDA grant acquired in 2019 for the acquisition and protection of natural resources and habitat conservation. Up to 40 residential homes could have been built on the property had it not been acquired for park land.



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