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Local Government Update – September 2020

Orange Beach City Council Meeting – September 1, 2020

Dollar General Appeal Denied for Bear Point

In March, the Orange Beach Planning Commission denied a request from The Broadway Group, LLC (Dollar General) for a site plan to construct a 9,100 square foot retail store in the Bear Point area of Orange Beach. The property is located on Canal Road, west of Bear Point Plaza. The .93-acre property is in the GB (General Business) zoning district and had double road frontage with Canal Rd. to the south, and Magnolia Ave. to the north. Planning Commission members had safety concerns over the parking, truck delivery, and traffic plans for the lot. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to deny the site plan, citing safety over access of large delivery trucks to the site. Since that time, the Broadway group filed an appeal of the Planning Commission decision. The Orange Beach City Council heard the appeal arguments from the Broadway Group, including results of their traffic study. The City Council voted unanimously to deny the appeal, stating their agreement with the Planning Commission decision that parking and traffic conditions presented a safety concern.

Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – September 3, 2020

Site Plan Approved for Summerdale RV Park

The Baldwin County Planning Commission approved the final site plan for Sandy Toes RV Park. The 3.96-acre property is located on the north side of County Road 32, approximately .5 miles west of the Baldwin Beach Express in the Summerdale area. There are 40 RV sites planned for the un-zoned property.

Subdivision Development Permit Approved for Lillian Property

The Baldwin County Planning Commission approved the subdivision development permit for the division of 37 acres into two lots, with the smallest being 15 acres. The property is located on the south side of Hwy. 98 and the east side of County Road 91, in the Lillian area. The property is currently zoned RMF-6. County staff indicated that an application may be forthcoming for 37 homes on the eastern 15-acre lot.

Site Plan Approved for Spanish Fort Quadplex

The Baldwin County Planning Commission approved the site plan for The Flats at McCarty Ridge, a residential multi-family quadplex. The property is located on the south side of Jenkins Pit Rd., approximately .5 miles off U.S. Hwy. 31 in the Spanish Fort area. The un-zoned property will house four residential 2-bedroom apartments.

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting – September 10, 2020

Amended Site Plan for Portico Phase II Receives Approval Recommendation

The Fairhope Planning Commission recommended approval of an amended site plan for Phase II of the Portico Development located at the northeast corner of Fairhope Ave. and Brown St. The original site plan was approved by the city in 2017. Currently there is one building that is constructed which houses a bank and restaurant. The original plan called for 7 two-story buildings with a total of 33 residential units and 23 commercial units. The new plan includes 12 cottages, 4 townhomes, and 2 three-story buildings (each containing 8 residential flats and 2 commercial units.) The changes to the new plan result in a 34% increase in residential, and a 15% decrease in commercial space. The 3.5-acre site is within the Fairhope Central Business District (CBD). There was some discussion about how to enforce green space requirements within the CBD, but the Planning Commission ultimately voted to recommend approval of the site plan without the added green space since those requirements are not explicitly spelled out for residential locations within the CBD. The site plan will now move to the City Council for consideration.

Artist Rendering of Portico Phase II

Laurelbrook Village Subdivision Granted Recommendation After Revisions

The Fairhope Planning Commission granted an approval recommendation for a Village Subdivision for Laurelbrook. The Planning Commission had denied the plan presented at its June meeting. Since that time developers made changes and improvements to their plan which pleased the Commission. The 59.7-acre property is located on the east side of Hwy. 181, ¼ mile south of the intersection of Hwy. 181 and County Road 32, in un-zoned Baldwin County and lies within the Fairhope Extra Territorial Jurisdiction. The new plan for the Village Subdivision includes 100 lots with a 60’width (a reduction of 76 lots from the June proposal). It also includes enhanced amenities and greenspace. Those amenities include walking trails, a lake with fishing pier, fire pit & sitting area, treehouse play area, and fitness stations. 68 Ventures is the developer/applicant.

Laurelbrook Master Plan

Laurelbrook Amenities

Orange Beach City Council Meeting – September 14, 2020

Moratorium Extended in Orange Beach General Business Zoning Districts

The Orange Beach City Council voted to extend the moratorium on the issuance of building permits for single and multi-family developments in the General Business Zoning Districts. In January of 2020, the Orange Beach City Council imposed a 120-day moratorium on the issuance of building permits for any single-family or multi-family residential development to be located in the General Business Zone. On June 2, 2020, the City Council extended the moratorium an additional 120 days, ending September 30, 2020. This additional extension of 120 days will continue the moratorium until January 28, 2021. The Council indicated a need for additional time to consider zoning text amendments to correct deficiencies in the regulations, and to promote the harmonious and orderly development of the General Business Zoning Districts.

Orange Beach Planning Commission Meeting – September 14, 2020 – CANCELED (Hurricane Sally)

Foley Planning Commission Meeting – September 16, 2020 – CANCELED (Hurricane Sally)

Gulf Shores Planning Commission Meeting – September 22, 2020 – CANCELED (Hurricane Sally)

Baldwin County Commission Meeting – September 22, 2020

Baldwin County Strategic Plan Approved

The Baldwin County Commission approved a Strategic Plan. A complete presentation of the Strategic Plan was delayed due to matters relating to Hurricane Sally taking priority. But, a brief synopsis of top priorities/goals identified in the Strategic Plan were as follows: By 2025, all residents and businesses of Baldwin County will have the ability to access consistent high-speed internet. By 2022, residents will experience a well-planned set of new and improved roads for local travel that will alleviate traffic congestion on arterials. By 2025-2027, residents and visitors will experience reduced congestion with the completion of the Baldwin Beach Express #2 (BBE2). By December 31, 2022, property owners, municipalities and schools will experience a Comprehensive land Use Plan that ensures consistency between the County and Municipalities, encourages predictability in the development process, and creates and fosters a coordinated vision and goals with cities while respecting the citizen-driven zoning process. By 2025, the community will experience increased water access with parking throughout the County, as evidenced by additional water access points with parking and upgrades to existing water access points.



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