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Local Government Update – March 2021

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting – March 1, 2021

Apartment Complex Approved with Conditions

The Fairhope Planning Commission again heard the request for a Multiple Occupancy Project (MOP) to be called “Carmel Park Flats”. The original request was made at the February meeting, then tabled for further traffic study. The proposal is to build a 242-unit apartment complex on 20 acres located on Twin Beech Rd. (CR44), just southwest of the intersection with Thompson Hall Rd. The property is un-zoned and outside the city limits, but within the Fairhope Planning Jurisdiction. Plans include ten separate 3-story apartment buildings. Amenities for the development would include a pool, fitness room, cyber coffee café, clubhouse, dog park, lake, gazebo, playground, and walking paths. There was opposition to the development from the surrounding neighborhood residents who have concerns over increased traffic and density in the area. After a 3rd party traffic engineering review, the Planning Commission voted to approve the MOP conditioned upon completion of two planned roadway improvements. The traffic studies were predicated upon improvements which will add a turn lane to the intersection of County Road 44 and Hwy. 98, and upgrade the traffic signal. The study was also predicated upon a new Roundabout being constructed at County Road 13 and County road 44. The approval from the Planning Commission is contingent upon substantial completion of both roadway improvement projects before any certificate of occupancy would be granted for the apartment complex.

Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – March 4, 2021

41-Lot Subdivision Planned for Lillian Area

The Baldwin County Planning Commission granted development permit approval for a 41-lot subdivision of a 19-acre parcel located on the east side of County Road 91, south of Hwy. 98 in the Lillian area. The proposed residential subdivision, to be known as Terranova, would front on County Road 91. The property is zoned RMF-6, with the smallest lot size being 7,800 square feet.

Orange Beach Planning Commission Meeting – March 8, 2021

Boat/RV Storage Addition Conditional Use Recommended

The Orange Beach Planning Commission gave a favorable recommendation to a request for a Conditional Use Permit to construct a 6,400 square foot warehouse. The request is being made to supplement the existing facility at Liberty Linen located at 26953 Canal Road, and to add a 3,600 square foot enclosed boat and RV storage building. The property is zoned General Business (GB). Storage was historically permitted by right in the GB zoning, but amendments made to the Comprehensive Plan in 2008 made it only available through the conditional use approval process. The favorable recommendation will go the City Council for a final decision.

Site Plan Approved for Gray’s Tire & Service Center

The Orange Beach Planning Commission approved the site plan for Gray’s Tire and Service Center to be located at 24190 Canal Road. Plans include the construction of a 10,300 square foot commercial building for an automotive tire and service center. The driveways for the site will be on Lindsey Lane. The site will only service vehicles less than 10,000 pounds and/or designed to transport less than 16 passengers. The property is in the General Business Zoning Dist.

Baldwin County Commission Meeting – March 16, 2021

County Road 64 Re-Zoning Approved

The Baldwin County Commission voted to approve a re-zoning request for a 4.7-acre property from RSF-E to B-3. The property is located on the north side of County Rd. 64, east of Hwy. 181, in the Belforest area. The request was made to make the property, which is currently for sale, more marketable as a commercial property. The case went before the Planning Commission in February, where it received a recommendation for denial. However, the Baldwin County Commission voted to depart from that recommendation and grant approval. The County Commission has the final vote determination in all re-zoning requests.

Re-Zoning Approved for Future Loxley Area Subdivision

The Baldwin County Commission voted to approve the re-zoning of 39 acres from RSF-1 to RSF-4. The property is located on the south side of Hwy. 90, in the Loxley area. A 79-lot residential subdivision is planned for the site. The property was previously used as a wholesale nursery/florist.

Loxley Area Subdivision

Foley Planning Commission Meeting – March 17, 2021

Westfield Phase 1 Brings 17-Lot Subdivision

The Foley Planning Commission approved a preliminary request for Westfield Phase 1. The 15.15-acre property is located south of County Rd. 12 S., and east of Nall Rd. The property is within the Foley Planning Jurisdiction limits. Plans include dividing the property into 17 lots, with 16 smaller residential lots, and 1 large parcel. Homes would front the roadway and have shared driveways.

Gulf Shores Planning Commission Meeting – March 23, 2021

Bon Secour Village Seeks Re-Zoning Changes

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission gave a favorable recommendation to changes sought to the underlying zoning to the easternmost 22.65 acres of the Bon Secour Village PUD. The property is located at 350 Waterway West Blvd. The request asked to apply Intracoastal Waterway-North (ICW-N) Zoning, and amend the Bon Secour Village PUD Master Plan Overlay. Plans for the property have been in place in one form or another since roughly 2005. In 2006, a site plan was approved for a 60-slip marina and clubhouse. Changes now being proposed would increase the number of dry boat storage units. Legendary Marine is proposing to construct 4 storage buildings in a multi-phased project which would house dry boat storage in 75’ tall metal buildings, as well as a restaurant and a mixed-use retail development. There were complaints from the public over the boat storage placement, and unsightly nature of the multi-story metal buildings on the property. Positive aspects of the plan include meeting the high demand for dry boat storage in Gulf Shores. The recommended changes will proceed to the City Council for final consideration.

Novelty Architecture Debated in Gulf Shores

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission heard a request for a Conditional Use Permit from the newly renovated Alvin’s Island store located at the northwest corner of Hwy. 59 and Hwy. 182. The request is to install a novelty architecture feature of a 27-foot great white shark suspended from a marine pole structure located in the gazebo outside the front entrance. Owners want to provide a photo opportunity and landmark tourist attraction. Under current regulations, a Conditional Use Permit must be obtained from the City before any novelty architecture is allowed because it does not maintain a continuity of development and can detract from the qualities of a particular area. Several other non-conforming pieces of architecture exist in Gulf Shores which were built prior to the change in regulations. A decision on the matter was tabled until the next meeting, to assess the intent of the City for such elements and possible changes to the shark design request.

Preliminary Plat Approved for North Lagoon Estates

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission approved the preliminary plat for North Lagoon Estates, a 15-lot subdivision. The 5.65-acre property is located on Little Lagoon, and abuts Hwy. 180 West. All lots are waterfront. Lots will have widths of 50’ – 55’.

Seaglass Condominium Project Separated into Two Phases

The Seaglass Condominium project is currently under construction on the beachfront side of West Beach Blvd. in Gulf Shores. The original project, as approved in 2018, included two buildings with a total of 51 units. Currently only one building is constructed (21 units). Developers cite market conditions for the delay in the project. A phasing plan was requested to allow developers to seek a Certificate of Occupancy for the first building, without completion of the second building. The Planning Commission voted to approve the phasing plan with the condition that a building permit must begin within 6 months for Phase 2 of the project.

Callaway North Conservation Proposal Tabled

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission heard a request for preliminary subdivision plat approval for a 55-lot single family subdivision, to be known as Callaway North. The property is zoned R-1-4, and located on the north side of Hwy. 180. The request came under the city’s Conservation Subdivision Regulations, which are allowed by right, in R-1-4 zoning. The Conservation subdivision option identifies lot layout and open spaces to be protected, and lot widths and setbacks are allowed to vary. The development plan called for over 53 acres to be left undeveloped and some land deeded to the city to incorporate wetland areas into the NFWF Oyster Bay and Bon Secour Wetland Restoration Area for preservation. The layout of LID stormwater design, roadway and lot placement was also designed in a way to protect trees and environmentally sensitive areas. The plan was still met by public complaints from neighboring residents. The Planning Commission agreed to Table the application at the request of the applicant for further review. The plan is expected to be brought back before the Commission at a future meeting.

Daphne Planning Commission Meeting – March 25, 2021

Jubilee Farms Seeking Lot Size Modifications

The Daphne Planning Commission heard a request from developers of the Jubilee Farms Subdivision seeking to make modifications to some lot sizes. The proposal includes decreasing the number of 70’ wide lots by 89 and increasing the number of 52’ wide lots by 89. The total lot count of the development would remain the same, at 909 lots. Market condition adjustments and increasing prices of building materials were cited by developers as the reason for the request. The Planning Commission voted to send a favorable recommendation to the City Council.


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