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Local Government Update – February 2021

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting – February 1, 2021

100-Lot Laurelbrook Subdivision Granted Preliminary Plat Approved

The Fairhope Planning Commission granted preliminary plat approval for Laurelbrook, a Village Subdivision. The 59.7-acre property is located on the east side of Hwy. 181, ¼ mile south of the intersection of Hwy. 181 and County Road 32, in un-zoned Baldwin County and lies within the Fairhope Extra Territorial Jurisdiction. The plan for the Village Subdivision includes 100 residential lots with a 8,400 square foot lot minimum. It also includes enhanced amenities and greenspace. Those amenities include walking trails, a lake with fishing pier, fire pit & sitting area, treehouse play area, and fitness stations. 68 Ventures is the developer/applicant.

Magnolia & Church Mixed Use Development Site Plan Under Scrutiny

The Fairhope Planning Commission again heard a modified request for a Multiple Occupancy Permit and Sit Plan for a mixed- use development proposed for the northeast corner of Magnolia Ave. and Church St. The request had previously come before the Commission in December of 2020 and was tabled for further review. The .5-acre property is zoned B-2 and within the Central Business District. The modified plans included a two-story building housing 7 residential units and 3 commercial units. The 3 commercial units would be on the ground floor, along with 3 of the residential units. There were safety and aesthetic concerns over garages for the residential units facing Church St. with little setback from the sidewalk/roadway. There was also concern over the removal or trimming of canopy trees in the right of way. The Planning Commission voted to approve the Multiple Occupancy Permit and send a favorable recommendation to the City Council for the Site Plan, conditioned upon the Board of Adjustment allowing variances to sidewalk and parking requirements. The City Council will have the final vote on the Site Plan.

Twin Beech Rd. Apartment Proposal Tabled for Additional Traffic Study

The Fairhope Planning Commission heard a request for a Multiple Occupancy Project to be called “Carmel Park Flats”. The proposal is to build a 242-unit apartment complex on 20 acres located on Twin Beech Rd. (CR44), just southwest of the intersection with Thompson Hall Rd. The property is un-zoned and outside the city limits, but within the Fairhope Planning Jurisdiction. Plans include ten separate 3-story apartment buildings. Amenities for the development would include a pool, fitness room, cyber coffee café, clubhouse, dog park, lake, gazebo, playground, and walking paths. There was opposition to the development from the surrounding neighborhood residents who have concerns over increased traffic and density in the area. There was prolonged discussion over the traffic study presented by the applicant, and whether it accurately reflected morning and afternoon school rush periods. The Planning Commission voted to table the request to the next meeting, pending a new traffic study.

Overland Subdivision Planned For County Rd. 48

The Fairhope Planning Commission heard a request to establish an initial zoning of PUD for 30 acres located at the southeast corner of the intersection of County Road 48 and Blueberry Lane. The request to zone as a PUD was conditioned upon an annexation request to annex into the City of Fairhope. Plans for the property include development of a 61-lot residential subdivision with 16 townhome apartments, to be known as Overland. The Planning Commission voted to send a favorable recommendation to the City Council for approval.

Proposed “Overland” Development

Publix Shopping Center on Hwy.98 & Battles Rd. Approved

The Fairhope Planning Commission approved a request for a Multiple Occupancy Permit for the Publix at Point Clear Shopping Center. The 25-acre un-zoned property is located on the west side of U.S. Hwy. 98 (Greeno Rd.) at the northwest intersection of Greeno Road and County Road 34 (Old Battles Rd.). A Publix grocery store is planned as the anchor store, for the 16-unit development.

Daphne City Council Meeting – February 1, 2021

Re-Zoning & Annexation of CR64 and Friendship Rd. Approved

The Daphne City Council approved a request to pre-zone property located at the southeast intersection of County Road 64 and Friendship Road to B-2 (General Business). A concurrent request to annex the property into the City of Daphne was also approved. There are plans for a gym and training facility to locate on the property.

Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – February 4, 2021

Re-Zoning Sought for Loxley Area Residential Subdivision

The Baldwin County Planning Commission voted to make a favorable recommendation to the County Commission to re-zone 38.5 acres from RSF-1 to RSF-4. The property is located on the south side of Hwy. 90, in the Loxley area. A 79-lot residential subdivision is planned for the property with lot sizes of 75’ x 140’.

County Road 64 Re-Zoning Request Denied Recommendation

The Baldwin County Planning Commission voted to deny a re-zoning recommendation to re-zone a 4.7-acre property from RSF-E to B-3. The property is located on the north side of County Rd. 64, east of Hwy. 181, in the Belforest area. The request was made to make the property, which is currently for sale, more marketable as a commercial property.

Fairhope City Council Meeting – February 8, 2021

Re-Zoning Approved for The Hermitage

The Fairhope City Council gave final approval for a re-zoning and subdivision request for Hermitage Court. The re-zoning will change 4.39 acres from R-1 to PUD. The property is located on the west side of Blue Island Ave., just south of Winn Ave. The 8-lot subdivision will contain Truland built homes with a minimum of 2400 square feet, and a two-car garage.

The Hermitage

Gulf Shores City Council Meeting – February 8, 2021

New Garage Setback Regulations Adopted

The Gulf Shores City Council approved a zoning text amendment which would govern garage placement on narrow lots. An earlier version of the proposal was debated at the August Planning Commission meeting. The focus on garage placement on small lots is to increase safety, walkability, and pedestrian comfort by keeping sidewalks free from vehicle encroachment and lessening visual impairments when backing out over a sidewalk. Under the new amendments driveways would be limited to a maximum of 18’ in width at the front property line. There would also be standards for optional garage placement including options for a recessed garage and a side-loaded projecting garage. Any subdivision that was at the preliminary plat stage or further along would be grandfathered. Developments that have submitted an application for preliminary plat before 1-1-21, would have the option of adjusting the front and rear setback lines to comply, without losing any buildable area.

Baldwin County Commission Meeting – February 17, 2021

Re-Zoning Denied for Home Deer Processing Business

The Baldwin County Commission had a split vote of 2-2 over whether to allow a re-zoning from Residential Single Family to RA (Rural Agriculture), in the Lillian area. A tie vote operates as a denial. The .5-acre property is located on Boykin Blvd. The applicant requested the re-zoning to accommodate a home business of deer meat processing within his home.

Re-Zoning Approved for Future Residential Subdivision on CR12 South

The Baldwin County Commission granted final approval for a re-zoning request for 75 acres located at 17324 County Road 12 S. Currently the property is zoned RA (rural agriculture). The new zoning approved is RSF-2, with the intent of developing the property into a single-family residential subdivision. Lots would have a minimum 80’ width at the building line. Phase 1 (16 lots) will be the initial phase. More phases could come depending on market conditions, which could substantially add to the number of homes in the development. The property is located within the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction of Foley.

Commission Approves Re-Zoning for Storage Units

The Baldwin County Commission voted to approve a re-zoning from RSF-E to B-4. The 2.1-acre property is located in the Loxley area, at 25120 Rawls Rd. Plans for the location include construction of mini storage units, with the intent to combine with previously approved storage units on the adjacent property with an access on Hwy. 59.

Fairhope City Council Meeting – February 22, 2021

Highway Transition District Zoning Option Approved

A new classification of “Highway Transition Dist.” was approved by the City Council as a Fairhope zoning district. The intent is to provide an alternative to single family residential zoning along State Highways within the City of Fairhope that are beyond the area of influence of the Village Nodes and Community Notes as contemplated in the Comprehensive plan. This would provide developers opportunities consistent with the City’s vision for commercial corridors to better serve community needs. The Highway Transition Dist. is not an overlay dist. and does not affect any property owners, other than those who voluntarily apply for this zoning. To qualify there must be a lot size minimum of 20,000 square feet, and have 100’ frontage on Hwy. 98, 104 or 181. And, the property must be within the city of Fairhope.

Re-Zoning Approved for 168-Unit Senior Living Community

The Fairhope City Council gave final approval to re-zone 16.6 acres from R-1 to PUD. The property is located at the southwest corner of Hwy. 98 and Volanta Ave. Plans for the project include the development of a senior living community to be known as The Reserve at Fairhope. The community will house a total of 168 units. The community will be a mixture of 104 individual living units, 32 assisted living units, and 32 memory care units. The assisted living and memory care units would be housed in a 3-story building. Amenities for the community include golf cart parking garages, pool, putting green, walking trails, library, café/bistro, and three dining halls. The Planning Commission recommended approval of the re-zoning at the December 2020 meeting.

Gulf Shores Planning Commission Meeting – February 23, 2021

Approval Recommended for New Phoenix II Condo Building

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission heard a request for a Conditional Use Permit and Site Plan for development of the Phoenix II Condominium. The Conditional Use Permit request is asking for one additional habitable story over what is allowed. The proposed development is planned for the beachfront in the 500 block of East Beach Blvd. Plans include a 24-story structure with 110 units and a 5-story parking deck. The units would be a combination of 66 3-bedroom units, and 44 2-bedroom units. An indoor/outdoor pool, hot tub, fitness room, and lazy river will be amenities of the development. There are plans for a dedicated 24’ public beach access on the side of the property, and a 650 square foot building at the roadside which will be dedicated to the city for public use. The property is zoned B-2-4 (High Density Tourist). The Planning Commission voted to send a favorable recommendation to the City Council, which has the final vote on Conditional Use Permits.

Phoenix II

Daphne Planning Commission Meeting – February 25, 2021

Site Plan Approved for Popeye’s

The Daphne Planning Commission approved the site plan for the new Popeye’s restaurant to be located northwest of Timber Circle and Mill Lane, to the west of Hwy. 181, and north of I-10. The 1.09-acre site will house the restaurant, drive-thru, and 34 parking spaces.


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