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Local Government Update – January 2021

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting – January 4, 2021

Mobile Home Park Planned South of Fairhope

The Fairhope Planning Commission heard a request for a Multiple Occupancy Permit (MOP) for property located on the south side of Hwy. 98, ¼ mile west of Mary Ann Beech Road. The property is un-zoned and in Baldwin County. It does fall within the Fairhope Planning Jurisdiction, but the City of Fairhope has no regulatory authority over the use of the property. There are 22 units planned for the 9-acre property. Each space would have their own separate septic system. The Fairhope Planning Commission approved the MOP request.

Changes Requested for Klump PUD at Hwy. 181 and Fairhope Ave.

What is commonly known as the Klump PUD was approved by the Fairhope City Council in November of 2019, but no construction has started. The 75-acre property is located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Hwy. 181 and Fairhope Ave. The original plan as approved called for a combination of commercial lots fronting Hwy. 181 and Fairhope Ave, apartments, and single-family homes. Developers are now requesting changes to their original plans. The changes were presented to the Planning Commission at the December 2019 meeting, but resulted in the matter being tabled. Now, a more defined plan has taken shape. The proposed changes would result in removal of all single-family homes along the western edge of the property. It would also change the apartments from 3-story buildings to smaller scale duplex and triplex units. The apartments would increase in acreage from 23 acres to 41 acres of the development. And finally, developers are requesting to add a convalescent nursing home or assisted living home to the north/northwest part of the property. The Planning Commission voted to approve the PUD amendments with conditions that there be a master drainage plan for the site, future mandatory site plan review for each lot, City of Fairhope subdivision regulations will apply for the creation of all lots, 20 feet of greenspace and tree preservation along Hwy. 181, and 20% greenspace shall be required for the apartments. Below are renderings of the original design and the new amended design.

Klump PUD Original Design

Klump PUD Proposed Amended Design

New Highway Transitional Zoning Dist. Proposed in Fairhope

A new classification of “Highway Transition Dist.” is being considered as a Fairhope zoning district. The intent is to provide an alternative to single family residential zoning along State Highways within the City of Fairhope that are beyond the area of influence of the Village Nodes and Community Notes as contemplated in the Comprehensive plan. This would provide developers opportunities consistent with the City’s vision for commercial corridors to better serve community needs. The Highway Transition Dist. is not an overlay dist. and does not affect any property owners, other than those who voluntarily apply for this zoning. To qualify there must be a lot size minimum of 20,000 square feet, and have 100’ frontage on Hwy. 98, 104 or 181. And, the property must be within the city of Fairhope.

Changes Recommended for Downtown Mixed-Use Developments

The Fairhope Planning Commission voted to recommend a zoning amendment to the Central Business District. The change would require a minimum 50% of the ground floor square footage of mixed-use developments be commercial. The change is recommended to encourage retail and restaurant space on the ground floor adjacent to public streets in mixed-use buildings, to maintain the vibrancy of the Central Business Dist.

River Place Planned South of Fairhope

The Fairhope Planning Commission granted final plat approval for River Place, a 23-lot subdivision on 18 acres. The property is located on the west side of County Road 33, ¼ mile south of County Road 32. The property is un-zoned in Baldwin County, but remains in the City of Fairhope Planning Jurisdiction.

Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – January 7, 2021

Approval Granted for Private Airplane Hangar

The Baldwin County Planning Commission granted a Conditional Use Permit for 4.5-acre property located at 33599 Sunset Dr. in the Lillian area. Plans include the construction of a 70’ x 75’ hangar for the storage of a personal aircraft. The property has a taxiway easement in place which allows access to the Shield Airport runway.

Re-Zoning Recommended for Storage Units

The Baldwin County Planning Commission voted to recommend a re-zoning from RSF-E to RA. The 2.1-acre property is located in the Loxley area, at 25120 Rawls Rd. Plans for the location include construction of storage units, with the intent to combine with previously approved storage units on the adjacent property with an access on Hwy. 59.

Re-Zoning Sought for New Residential Subdivision on CR12 S

The Baldwin County Planning Commission heard a re-zoning request for 75 acres located at 17324 County Road 12 S. Currently the property is zoned RA (rural agriculture). The requested zoning is RSF-2, with the intent of developing the property into a residential subdivision. Currently only Phase 1 (16 lots) are being considered. More phases could come depending on market conditions. The Planning Commission voted to send a favorable recommendation to the County Commission, who has the final vote on all re-zoning requests.

Orange Beach Planning Commission Meeting – January 11, 2021

Popeyes Re-Zoning Receives Denial Recommendation from Planning Commission

The Orange Beach Planning Commission heard a request for a preliminary and final PUD to re-zone 3.14 acres from NB (Neighborhood Business) to PUD (Planned Unit Development) for a two-phased commercial development containing a Popeyes restaurant with drive-thru. In addition to the Popeyes planned for the first phase, a multi-tenant commercial building totaling 4,200 square feet was proposed for the second phase. The property is located at 4251 Orange Beach Blvd. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to send a denial recommendation to the City Council, stating they felt the proposal did not fit the location.

Legacy Key Condo Owners Assoc. Granted Site Plan Extension

The Planning Commission approved a request from the Legacy Key Condo Owner’s Association for 12-month extension of the site plan for the Legacy Key Storage Building. Prior approval had been granted for the Storage Building, but construction was delayed due to Hurricane Sally.

Re-Zoning Recommended for Back Bay Condo Owners Assoc.

The Orange Beach Planning Commission voted to send a favorable recommendation to the City Council to re-zone .92 acres from GB (General Business) to RS-1 (Single Family Residential). The property is located at the southeast corner of White Ave. and Canal Road. The request was made on behalf of the Back Bay Condominium Owners Association. The stated plans are to divide the property into four residential lots for single family homes.

Lot Combination Approved in Bear Point

The Orange Beach Planning Commission approved a request on behalf of Jim and Marilyn Thompson for preliminary and final minor subdivision. The request was made to combine lots 783 and 784 of Bear Point Estates Subdivision into one lot. The property is zoned RS-2 and located at 5500 Mobile Ave.

Baldwin County Commission Meeting – January 19, 2021

Re-Zoning Approved for Gas Station in Lillian Area

The Baldwin County Commission voted to give final approval for the re-zoning of 3 acres from RA to B-3. The property is located at the southeast corner of Hwy. 98 and County Road 95, in the Elberta area. Plans for the property include a gas station and convenience store.

Orange Beach City Council Meeting – January 19, 2021

Parking Expanding at Zeke’s Landing

The Orange Beach City Council approved a request for a PUD modification that would expand the parking area at Zeke’s Landing. Currently there are 237 parking spaces. The modification will allow the addition of 149 new spaces, bringing the total to 386. The approval was subject to an approved exterior lighting plan and no expansion of use or increase in intensity. The parking will be for automobiles only, with no boats or trailers allowed.

Gulf Shores City Council Meeting – January 25, 2021

Raley Farms Granted Re-Zoning Approval with Agreement on Roadway

The Gulf Shores City Council gave final approval for the re-zoning of Raley Farms residential subdivision. In October developers were seeking preliminary plat approval for Phase 2 when an issue arose over the location and construction of a north/south connector road through the property. The 162-acre property is located on the north side of Coastal Gateway Blvd, mid-way between Hwy. 59 and the Beach Express. A multi-phase high density residential subdivision is planned that will include over 400 lots with amenities. A compromise was reached between city staff and the developer which includes the developer dedicating 80 feet of right of way to the city. The city will agree to construct the roadway along the eastern border of the property. A forty-foot landscape buffer will be required for the eastern border along with an 8-foot fence to screen residents of the adjacent Stonegate Subdivision.

Raley Farms (proposed roadway in red)

Mobile Food Units Approved by Gulf Shores Council

After much study and debate the Gulf Shores City Council granted final approval to incorporate the standards outlined in the Mobile Food Unit Pilot Program that was implemented over the past year, into a permanent Zoning Ordinance. A slight change was made to modify where the Mobile Food Units can locate. They will only be allowed in BA and BG zoning districts. Any property fronting on Hwy. 59 will need additional conditional use permit approval on a case-by-case basis. This change was added to give the city greater control over location of food trucks along Hwy. 59.

Gulf Shores Planning Commission Meeting – January 26, 2021

Osprey Landing Phase 2 Final Plat Approved

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission approved the final plat for what is proposed to be Phase 2 of Osprey Landing Subdivision. The 9.19-acre property is located on the south side of Coastal Gateway Blvd., directly south of Phase 1 of Osprey Landing. There are 25 lots planned.

Daphne Planning Commission Meeting – January 28, 2021

Changes Approved for French Settlement Master Plan

The Daphne Planning Commission gave approval for the revision of the master plan for French Settlement Subdivision, and recommended approval for a zoning change. The property in question is a 19-acre tract south of and adjacent to the French Settlement Subdivision, northwest of Parker Lane and County Road 13. The zoning changes will adjust some of the original zoning to R-6-G (Garden/Patio District). Master plan changes will result in a reduction from 67 to 62 lots from the last plan. Lots closest to County Road 13 would be the largest, with the smaller garden patio lots in the interior. One HOA is anticipated for the entire French Settlement Subdivision.



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